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We service all brands of PC's and all configurations

We service all brands of PC's and all configurations


1/2000 - 12/13/2010


      G&R computers was established in 1997 and was the brainchild of Gary Hodgins. Gary had witnessed
many of his friends and family members paying outrageous amounts to local computer shops to repair
their computers and realized that they were only charged outrageous amounts because they did not know
enough about computers to know that they were getting ripped off. So he talked to his knowledgeable friends and decided that he would start a new business based on honest and reliable service. He contacted a friend, Rik Luebbe, who knew everything there was to know about computers. On a shoestring budget, the two friends started to create flyers and business cards. They had no money in the budget for any kind of real advertising. Gary already had an extensive background in consumer & government electronics, so the transition was pretty easy. He went back to school and got A+ certified within a few months. He is now working on his MCSE certification. At the same time, They were starting to get busy. Word of mouth advertising among friends was starting to pay off. The best advertising any business can get is referrals from customers. Even though he has had extensive schooling and keeps up with the latest technologies, Gary says that he has learned more from his work in the field that any class he could ever take.

   Our business model is the same now as it was the day we started the business. Without the customer, our
business is nothing but a dream. So the customer is always right. You need a technician to come to your house and fix your pc, No Problem, we specialize in that. You need evening hours? No Problem, we'll make exceptions to our hours for you. You need someone right now? You got it !! If you are comfortable disconnecting your PC and bringing it to us, We'll give you a discount on our hourly rate. And hey, Are you totally sick of paying an hour of labor for someone who just worked on it for 30 minutes, So Are We!! We charge by the hour, but are very liberal and fair with our time. Hey, we're in this to make money, but we don't need to make it all from you!! We also keep in mind the price of a new computer versus repairing your old one, and if it makes more sense to buy a new PC, we'll let you know. If you want to purchase another PC and have us transfer your files and programs, we can do that. If you want a new PC with all of your old software and data exactly as you are used to it, we can do that too. And we can match the price of a new system by the big companies, but with higher quality components.

   When you have a problem with one of those big company computers, you have some great options. You
can call them and within a few hours you will be connected directly to someone in another country, that
speaks very broken english with an accent that makes it impossible to understand. They will tell you over
the phone how to do a complete restore on your system and oops, they forgot to tell you that you will
lose all your files!! Once the restore is complete, We probably can't help you recover those lost files.
You can call us to repair your system and avoid that scenario, (it's much more common than you think).
A complete restore is always the very last resort for us, unless that's what you want us to do. We will always
backup your documents and desktop folders, and will always explain thoroughly the ramifications of a
complete system restore. Other companies do that first because it's much easier than actually finding
and repairing a software issue such as viruses and spyware or a corrupt windows file or partition
table. We also understand that you don't want to pay us for 20 or 30 hours of labor when you can buy
a new PC for about $400.00 or so. That's why we have structured our pricing to keep this is mind.
The most we will charge you to do a complete system restore is $125.00. The most we will charge you
for a virus or spyware removal is also $125.00, no matter how long it takes. If it takes less than an hour
you will be charged much less. Our competition charges a flat $129.00 for virus removal and all they
do is a system restore. If you want them to remove the virus and keep your system intact, be prepared
to pay more, sometimes a lot more.

  Bottom line is that when you call us you get a professional, courteous, honest, and reasonably priced
technician to answer all your questions and repair your system properly. The price doesn't go up if
we see you live in a nice neighborhood or if you drive an expensive car. We started this company
because we didn't want to see our friends and family ripped off by unscrupulous computer stores.
Over the past 13 years that hasn't changed. The only thing that has changed is that our "family"
has expanded to include all of Long Island. If you want your PC repaired by someone who will not
take advantage of the fact that you don't know the difference between a hard drive and a motherboard,
then call us now. You will not be disappointed. Remember our motto, "If we can't fix it, You don't pay!"

  We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of our loyal customers. Without you
and all your referrals none of this would be possible. Happy computing to all !!


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