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We service all brands of PC's and all configurations

We service all brands of PC's and all configurations


1/2000 - 12/13/2010

Remote Repair And Assistance
by G&R Computers

      If you would like your system repaired remotely you must have internet access on the computer that you wish to have repaired. A broadband connection of DSL speeds or better is required for remote repair and assistance. To use this feature, please call (631) 521-1700 and setup an
appointment time that will be convenient for you. Please keep in mind that we may require you to reconnect once or twice depending on the situation,
so please remain available.

      When directed to do so by our technician, Click here to download a remote tool to
start a remote support session. Install the program as per the instructions.
After downloading and installing this program, our technicians will instruct you how to allow us to connect to you.
Passwords generated by the remote tool change every time you use it, so you are protected if you leave the remote tool installed (recommended).
You may watch the technician as he works so if there is something you
need explained or shown to you, it is the perfect way to do that.

      Since  we also specialize in OnSite service, this feature is available by appointment only.
Our pricing is as follows:

Standard Repair Service  
1st hour  $55.00
Each 1/2 hour thereafter  $25.00
Virus or Spyware Repair  
Same price as above except  Maximum Price $125.00

      Please keep in mind that many problems can be diagnosed remotely, but can not be repaired remotely.
For example a bad hard drive or memory etc. In those cases we will not charge you for the remote repair session if you have us repair the system. If you decide not to have us repair it, we may charge you a minimum testing charge of $55.00. Other situations which would require an OnSite visit would be data transfer to a new pc, hard drive replacement, memory added etc. Our technicians can help you decide
if a remote service call will help you. And as always, Thank you to all of our customers for your continued patronage.


Interesting note: I have not updated this page since 2008, The pricing is still the same. The only thing I updated now, is the copyright year on the bottom.
Where else are you going to find 2008 prices for service? ( But I do need a new look for the website. )



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