Q.    I have a dell (or any other big name PC) and it’s having many problems. I called dell (somewhere overseas) and they want me to run the restore disk. Won’t I lose all my data.

A.    Yes, You will lose EVERYTHING Do Not do this. Call us first, We will back up your data before we do the restore. Then restore it when we’re done Or, even better, we can repair it WITHOUT doing a restore.

Q.    I use a broadband connection and can’t get online with any of the PC’s in my house. Do I need to have a service call to fix this?

A.    Maybe not. First thing you should do is turn off the power to your router by unplugging the power cord to it. Wait  2 minutes. Then plug it in again and after 2 minutes try it again. If that doesn’t solve it try unplugging the power to your Cable or DSL modem AND your router. Wait 5 minutes, plug in the power to your Cable or DSL modem and wait 5 minutes, then plug in your router and wait 2 minutes. Then try it again. While doing these steps you should also check all wires going to your router and modem to be sure they are plugged in tight. If none of the above works, you will probably need a service call from either us or your broadband connection company.

Q.    I had a lot of pop-ups telling me I should purchase some kind of Antivirus program. I entered my Credit Card info and got the program, but it’s getting worse!! Was I scammed?

A.   Immediately call your credit card company and ask if there were any strange charges. If so, cancel the card and have them re-issue a new one. If the pop-ups refused your credit card, then it is definitely a scam. Stop reading this and call your credit card company NOW!! The thieves that set that up work very quickly once they get a valid card. After you handle that part, we can clean up the viruses that caused the pop-ups, but take care of your credit card first.