Covid-19 Information

Due to Covid-19 we have changed our way of doing business. We no longer make house calls. Almost everything we do can be done remotely, so whenever remote technical support is an option we opt for that. The good news is our rates for remote work are less than on site service. In the event that we need “hands on” the computer, we will come to you and meet you outside. You must unplug the desktop completely, and bring it outside. (Mark where the wires go if you don’t know or take a picture of the back of the computer before you disconnect any cables).Or simply bring the laptop outside. Our tech will stay 6 ft. away from you and when you put the computer will wipe it down with a disinfectant. We will then bring your computer to our shop, perform the repairs or upgrade requested by you, and return your computer when finished. We have implemented these protocols to protect you and our technicians. Thank you for understanding, We will get through this. Please stay safe.

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